Career Advice for Adults

Career Advice for Adults – As you may know we operate a nationwide career guidance service throughout Ireland for graduates, school leavers and also career advice for adults.  Within this blog post we will profile some of the adult career guidance queries from clients across Ireland seeking career advice for adults.  These queries will give you a good idea of what type of career advice for adults queries are posed by clients when they complete the online make a career guidance appointment form should give you an idea how we can help.  If you are of any age, seeking adult career advice, you have found the best service nationwide, we can help…….


Career Advice for Adults – Sample Enquiries


‘I am wondering if I might be a suitable candidate to come and speak with you. I am 39 years old and I am in full-time employment working in a job that I absolutely adore. I would like to explore a different area and I would like to seek your professional advice on options available to me. Best wishes.’


‘Hi there, I was looking for some career advice as I feel I am at a bit of a crossroads at the moment, I am hoping a meeting with one of your guidance practitioners will help me to identify my realistic career options, hopefully try eliminate unworkable ideas and identify realistic career possibilities and likely career progression, I have been in the Insurance industry since 2007 but in the last couple of years my career has stalled with no progression or development. I am not happy with my CV layout and structure, I want some help in building a professional and inviting CV that will help me get interviews and see ideas and different ways of making my CV stand out from the crowd. I was also looking for help with recommended letters/e-mails of introduction for when I applying to organisations and recruiters. If you could confirm what total cost would be for a CV cover restructure and 1 hour session that would be great. Many thanks.’


‘I’m a looking for some advice as I considering changing my career.’


‘I am in the process of choosing a post-graduate course in the area of development/emergency management and would like some advice on choosing the right course for this career goal.’


‘I currently hold a level 7 degree (BSc. in Culinary Entrepreneurship) but want to start a career in Education (Adult/Special Needs). I have done a lot of research about courses but have hit a bit of a wall and need some advice as to the best route to take.’


‘I am currently working in the Tourism industry in an entry level Business development position. I graduated with a 2.2 BA in Economics & Sociology in 2010 but am unsure of where to go in my career next as I am unhappy with the area I am in at present but don’t have a particular direction in mind. I would like some advice, aptitude testing and information on available options if possible. I believe returning to study is probable, whether part time or full time.’


Diarmuid Haughian

MA Career Guidance, QCG


Career Advice for Adults

Career Advice for Adults