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Career Advice Dublin – The word ‘career’ derives from the words journey and race. Law (1996) refers to career as a cognate with the word ‘carriage’. In one’s life you may own approximately 6 cars, each car for a different part of your career, your life journey. In essence careers in the 21st century are made up of several careers within a career.  And maybe you have just purchased that 4th car and you are from Dublin, you need some guidance and you reach for your phone and search: career advice Dublin – Well…..we can help and we will discuss a few theories use to facilitate career guidance practitioner in Dublin provide structured and client centred career advice Dublin.


Career Advice Dublin – What is career learning and career learning theory? Is Theory Important?


Lewin (1951), stated that there is ‘nothing so practical as a good theory’, having put into practice Egan’s (2002) three-stage model for career guidance into a second level school, the proof that a solid theory/model can transfer into a business or practical environment is first hand. Theories are useful if they help us to interpret careers, seeing them in ways which, without the theory, would remain invisible to us (Watts, et al, 1996, p41). However, Watts strikes a warning when he goes on to say that theories may blind us to what lies beyond their scope (Watts, et al, 1996, p41).


More specifically towards career guidance and its relationship with theory, Law (1981) states that ‘Theories of career development are attempts to describe, explain and predict what happens. Theories of guidance are attempts to think how we can sensibly intervene in what happens.’ Lewin and Law successfully argue the importance and promise that theory can deliver.


Career Advice Dublin – Lifelong Learning


Lifelong learning is a direct result of the Entitlement and the Industrial Revolution – it is a product of modernity (Jarvis, 2008, p157), must we stay modern in order to stay competitive both individually and collectively as a society. As the title suggests lifetime learning is continuous from birth to the later years in one’s life, the world is continuously changing and thus the people of this world should react, counter or compliment that continuous change with knowledge and lifelong learning, change should not be challenged but engaged.


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