Adult Career Guidance

Adult Career Guidance – As you may know we operate a nationwide career guidance service throughout Ireland for graduate, school leavers and also adult career guidance.  Within this blog post we will profile some of the adult career guidance queries from clients across Ireland who are 40 years of age or above.  These queries will give you a good idea of what type of adult career guidance queries are asked by clients and should give you an idea how we can help.  If you are an adult of any age seeking adult career guidance, you have found the right service, we can help…….


Adult Career Guidance – Sample Inquiries


‘I’m working at the moment and feel like a need to do something more….not sure what to go into….I’m a ward receptionist and need something a bit more challenging…’


‘I need advice on third level education’


‘I am a 50+ adult, who wants to return to work/ training/college but want to decide which area I’m best suited to in the available time. I’d be happy to have an initial phone call in advance of a formal meeting. Regards’


‘Mature adult; 48 male – first career; commercial fisher 14 years 1986 to 1999 – second career: Fishing Gear Technologist/ Resource Development Officer/ Recycling – ABC Company 1999 to date – Unhappy and want a new career ……no opportunities to develop/progress Willing to study and apprenticeship where applicable and possible – Mortgage, main earner in household, married with one daughter (5yo)’


‘Hi, I’ve recently liquidated a family retail/distribution business in which I’ve spent the last 15 years working mainly in field sales, marketing and management. I’ve a business degree and a post grad in marketing. Although sales might be an obvious career path given my experience I’m not sure that’s what I want to do. I’m considering advancing my marketing skills and getting into digital marketing or doing something creative in the visual arts which I’m interested in. I also like the idea of starting up a business myself.’
‘I am a 41 Canadian citizen with Irish residency. I am looking to make a career change from the food and beverage services industry to a more structured environment with more opportunity for career advancement.’


‘CV appraisal discuss career options, job possibilities.’


‘I wish to focus in on strengths and direction’



Diarmuid Haughian

MA Career Guidance, QCG


Adult Career Guidance

Adult Career Guidance