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What is Engineering?

Engineers take ideas and turn them into reality, using science, maths and imagination. Engineers are masters of problem-solving and creative design.

As a career, engineering offers a chance to make a difference to people's lives, while you enjoy a dynamic and varied working life.

Engineers are in demand worldwide because they are essential to the growth and development of every country.

The progress of civilisation has largely depended on the work of engineers, who have harnessed and controlled our environment to provide us with essentials for living like water, shelter and power. In the past few decades, engineers have changed the world by helping to send astronauts into space, mapping the human genome, and creating the internet. Right now, engineers are working on innovative projects from solar energy to synthetic organs, driverless cars to virtual reality headsets.

Students of engineering develop a valuable set of skills that serve as a strong career foundation. Engineers are problem-solvers; they have a flexible, creative approach to work; and they work well in teams. These skills are highly useful in every role from technician to chief executive, and in every industry from aerospace to healthcare to software.

An engineering qualification offers a chance to do interesting work with interesting people, enhance people's lives, and explore almost unlimited career opportunities.

Are engineers in demand?

You'll find engineers in almost all industries, from aviation, agriculture and space to healthcare, manufacturing  and software – and everywhere in between.

Engineers are in demand in many sectors right now, especially the software and IT industry, the medical devices sector and the pharmaceutical industry, and the energy and environmental sectors.

Right now in Ireland:

  • 105,000+ people working in the technology sector
  • 250 medical technology companies, employing 25,000 people
  • 160 games companies across Ireland; 3,300 people working in gaming

 Ireland is home to:

  • 9 of the top 10 software companies
  • 9 of the top 10 global pharmaceutical corporations
  • 12 of the top 20 global internet firms
  • 7 of the top 10 industrial automation  companies

Made in Ireland 

  • Ireland is the second largest exporter of medical products in Europe
  • 50% of ventilators in hospitals worldwide are made in Ireland
  • Ireland is the largest exporter of software in the world; 60% of software sold in Europe originates in Ireland
  • 80 percent of the global production of stents (medical devices for heart patients) takes place in Ireland
  • Ireland exported EUR49 billion worth of organic chemicals and pharmaceutical products in 2010
  • There are 205 wind farms on the island of Ireland. By 2020 Ireland plans to be one of the largest producers of wind energy in Europe.

Who makes a good engineer?

Someone considering engineering should ask themselves the following:

  • Am I naturally curious about how things work?
  • Do I love solving problems? 
  • Do I enjoy making, breaking or designing things?
  • Do I like the idea of working as part of a team?
  • Am I competent* in mathematics? 

If they answer yes to most of these questions, engineering might be right for them. While everyone is different, most engineers tend to exhibit these personality traits.

Many engineers say that as children, they loved taking toys and games apart to see how they worked. Others have a strong design focus. Many find themselves drawn to science subjects at school. 

* While not necessarily excelling at mathematics, most engineers are comfortable with the subject. Many engineering courses offer extra maths support to students in First Year. Higher Level maths is not a requirement for every engineering course.

Engineering Overview & Careers

What is an Engineer?

An engineer is a professional with a broad scientific knowledge who applies this knowledge in a practical, creative and innovative way in business. Engineers are experts in technology. They design and produce solutions to society’s demands.

The work of an Engineer

Engineering offers a host of exciting opportunities for young graduates. Engineering is about dynamic, people orientated working environments, get up and go attitudes, organizational skills, travel and the ability to communicate effectively.

Engineers shape the future of the World

Engineers impact on every aspect of society and have enabled us to embrace new technologies and developments at an ever increasing speed.
In the future engineers will create newer, faster and safer ways to travel, and develop cleaner, cheaper and renewable sources of energy.

These are just some of the problems that the engineers of the future will have to solve:

  •     Environmental pollution
  •     Global warming
  •     Healthcare improvements
  •     Renewable energy
  •     Water treatment
  •     Flood prevention

Engineers are Creative

Design is a core activity within the field of engineering. Engineering is the power behind innovation and new product developments.

Engineers are responsible for creating and improving technologies that benefit society. Engineers create and improve technologies that are used in sectors such as -

  •     Information & Communications Technology (ICT)
  •     Biomedical
  •     Entertainment
  •     Civil / Structural
  •     Pharmaceuticals
  •     Renewables
  •     Energy
  •     Defence
  •     Manufacturing

Engineers create Wealth

The engineer has the skills and experience to help convert information into knowledge, which in turn creates wealth for clients and employers

Engineers are Managers

Engineers make very good managers. In the early part of their professional careers engineers take responsibility for individual projects and learn the basics of good project management. As they progress they take on larger projects and assume responsibility for budgets.
The Engineering Council (UK) reports that an engineer is seven times more likely to become a chief executive than other professions.

Engineers are Entrepreneurs

An increasing number of engineers set up their own companies after gaining experience as professional engineers. Engineering provides the opportunity to identify new products and processes that have potential for commercilisation.

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