Kingspan Graduate Programme

Who we are and what we do

The Kingspan Group is a leading manufacturer of a range of sustainable products for the construction industry. The Group’s principal activities comprise the manufacture of insulated panels, rigid insulation boards, raised access floors, steel frame and timber frame off-site solutions, environmental and renewable fuel & water storage solutions and hot water systems.

The Group’s business model is to focus on higher growth and energy sensitive segments of the building industry. Kingspan’s businesses are focused on the maintenance of market leadership in their main product categories, based on their reputation for innovative design, exceptional quality, and technical expertise.

Innovation is the key to growth and Kingspan is aware of the importance of research and development to support market leading results. The enormity of climate change, and its accelerating implications, continues to gain much greater exposure than at any stage in the past. Buildings, be they residential, commercial or manufacturing, account for in excess of 40 per cent of carbon emissions globally. Recognising this, Kingspan continues to innovate and deliver solutions today that will dramatically reduce the need for energy tomorrow, and provide compelling economic payback. Becoming the first in the world to develop the zero carbon home, which in itself meets the 2016 standards as outlined in the Code for Sustainable Homes, is a recent example of this innovation. This code envisages much higher insulation standards, rainwater recovery, use of renewables such as solar hot water and power generation, all products currently in the Kingspan suite.

The Group’s strategy is designed to position Kingspan where it will have high recognition for providing the best-integrated solutions for all principal segments of the construction industry The Group’s strategic focus is to pursue a broadening geographic footprint of sustainable building solutions, with market leading positions in regions where energy conservation and creative aesthetics are the priority.

In support of this goal, significant internal resources and emphasis have been placed on nurturing a continuous flow of new and leading edge products and solutions to our markets, produced in the most highly efficient manufacturing environment possible.

Graduate from various disciplines

Why we need graduates from a range of disciplines

Talented and creative people not only keep our business going, they dream, see opportunities, adapt existing and emerging technologies, and continually expand the boundaries of our business. With our ambitious and demanding growth plans, we need more of these people.

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